The Color of Music

October 3rd 2019 - November 2nd 2019

Opening Reception Friday October 4th 2019 7-10pm


Featuring Artists

Ken & Robin Koukola


Ken & Robin

Robin and Ken encourage and inspire each other. While they each continue to pursue individual projects, they frequently collaborate. “Ken really helps me takes risks,” says Robin, “Portrait work is very formal both in respect to the finished product and the techniques used to get there. Ken approaches his art in a very open ended way, starting with an idea but modifying the idea or the technique or the materials as the project develops. I’m learning spontaneity.” Ken appreciates working with Robin. “Working solo, I’m used to a trial and error method. Robin’s input helps me to avoid some of the “error” part. I appreciate her working knowledge of materials and I trust her aesthetic sense.” Together and individually, Ken and Robin create an eclectic body of work that continues to surprise even them.


About Robin

Robin Koukola began creating art when she was a child, and through her adolescent and young adult years had a hand in many art related enterprises such as sign painting, pinstriping, mural painting, holiday window displays, and architectural drafting. All the while she was working in pencil and chalk pastel for her own amusement. Her truly professional career began when she started producing portraits on a commission basis of people, pets, homes, classic cars and other things her clients found meaningful. She also painted other subjects for the local fine art show circuit. Her work hangs in many fine private, corporate and university collections. Currently, Robin continues to accept commission work, explore new techniques, and create found-art pieces with her husband, Ken.


About Ken

Ken Valskis is a musician/artist whose music career started in high school. He went on to become the guitarist for Chicago bands The Quick and The Vandalays in addition to working in and around the Chicago music scene in the eighties and nineties. Today, Ken combines his love of music with his natural talent for creating “found art” pieces. Ken can re-purpose just about anything into an exciting and original artwork! His particular interest is, not surprisingly, guitars, and he makes art out of re-purposed guitars and parts, as well as playable guitars that sound as good as they look.


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