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Character Con Exhibition

August 1st 2019 - August 31st 2019

Opening Reception Friday August 2nd 7-10pm


Featuring Artists

Derail Howery, Jamie Primack, Josh Mettille, Travis Cakos, Naomi Martinez, Jeremy Johnson & Tony Smith



My passion is Illustrating, cartooning, comic books and fantasy characters.  My characters are created from my experiences in life such as well as what I take from reading books, TV, movies and watching people in their everyday activities.



Jamie Primack is a comic artist, writer, illustrator, and creator of the sci fi comic series BINARY STAR. Inspired by her love of science fiction and horror, Jamie's artistic style - which she calls "space goth" - combines the aesthetics of gothic subcultures with futuristic technology. To create illustrations that are both cosmic and dark, Jamie uses brushes, technical pens, dried ink, white ink, metallic paint, and gouache. Jamie also writes and illustrates BINARY STAR, a comic series which has been running online for more than two years and ten chapters. BINARY STAR, which tells the story of an interstellar bounty hunter forced to team up with an alien outlaw, can be read online, Facebook.com/BinaryStarComic, and                                  BinaryStarComic.Tumblr.com. Jamie also works as a freelance artist and illustrator who can be found tabling at various comic conventions and art shows around the country. You can find her work online at jamieprimack.com or follow her work on Instagram @jamieprimack."



Joshua Mettille was born in Ottawa, IL. He attended Seneca Township High school from 2012 to 2016, where he was heavily involved with the art program. Within his practice, Josh likes to work with many different forms of media and materials. He does not like to stay in one media for too long because he is always fascinated by the new. As a future educator, Josh believes in the power of creativity and expression in art. His most current works seek to represent the freedom of expression through different media. Currently, Josh is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in K-12 Art-Education from Olivet Nazarene University. He is expected to graduate in the spring of 2020.



Travis Cakos is an independent artist & musician. His art/music studio is comprised of hardware & software equipment including oil, acrylic, color pencil & digital media (such as Coral Painter 12 & Photoshop) - He specializes in portraits/memorials, landscapes/starscapes, abstract art, etc...



Naomi Martinez a.k.a. “Monstrochika”, was raised in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Her work is strongly inspired by Japanese animation, indie comics, nature and growing up in The Windy City. An artistic career that began as an Apprentice Artist for Gallery 37 led her to study Advertising, Art & Design at Columbia College Chicago and she continued her work as a Teaching Artist in various Chicago communities. She enjoys sharing the art of doll making and collaborating with artists and art spaces. Mediums include watercolor illustration, mixed media painting, murals, zines, and dolls. She currently lives in Berwyn, IL.



Tony a.k.a.  Art bu Tony "Four" Smith didn't start painting until after high school. Tony specializes in spray paint and paint markers.





The Portraits

September 5th 2019 - September 28th 2019

Opening Reception Friday September 6th 7-10pm


Featuring Artists

Nicole Urban, Katrina Davis Salazar, Jacob Curtin, Frederick Nitsch, Robin Monique Rios and Anthony La Giglia



Katrina Davis-Salazar’s current series of narrative portraits covers the introspection that occurs when one is recovering from serious trauma or attempting to find a new path. The artist’s attempt to capture the moment of stillness that occurs immediately after a monumental jolt often features two versions of a childlike self or angels fighting to heal the subject. Davis-Salazar expresses this mix of emotions by using a mix of materials, and by layering imagery and heavy texture created by relief techniques.  Materials include fabric, lace, paper, acrylic, canvas, wood, gel medium, and watercolor crayon.  To capture both inner conflict and profound human strength in her final product, Davis-Salazar also combines gripping stares, pop culture imagery, and influences from her Mexican-American heritage.


Davis-Salazar is a mixed media artist living and working in the Chicago area.  She received her BFA from University of Kansas and her MFA from University of Colorado. Katrina is currently creating a large body of artwork, teaching art at College of Lake County, publicly exhibiting and creating murals, and caring for her family.




If you were to ask anyone who knows me, the first thing you’ll likely be told about me is that I am an artist, and those who have known me since the earliest stages of my life will tell you that I always have been. My parents say that I used to draw all over the walls of their first apartment as a toddler, so I suppose that’s true. My knack for drawing became an integral part of my identity that has stuck with me and grown into a lifelong passion. I’ve experimented with a myriad of different mediums, styles, and techniques throughout my artistic endeavors, but what I have grown to love most is portraiture. The fleeting emotions and expressions of every person’s face can tell a story, and there is something truly captivating to me about trying to accurately portray them. Each face presents new challenges, and I enjoy working through them as I draw. At present, I am 27 years old and I live with my girlfriend, Summer, whom I love very much. Together we have an adorable long-haired dachshund named Sadie. I am also a PADI-certified scuba diver who enjoys the ocean, long walks on the beach, and even longer sips of tequila.




Frederick Nitsch began his life as a painter as he was leaving his life as an academic.  Having moved to Chicago 11 years ago to pursue a PhD in philosophy, Frederick left that program after 4 years to commit himself to making art.  While Frederick's early work is purely abstract, in the last few years Frederick has been incorporating found photography in an effort to create pieces that address the notions of empathy and fantasy.  Frederick is also an actor, and works with a mental health nonprofit doing crisis role-plays with first responders to better prepare them for mental health crises in the community



Robin's creative spirit is LIMITLESS. Robin does not limit herself to just one creative output, she feels it is impossible to express herself purely through just one medium. Robin's work is a raw, unencumbered and immediate emotional response to the world around her; from the past to the present and her thoughts and dreams of the future. Robin's creativity doesn't just begin and end in her studio; she is inspired every day, by practically everything. She hasn't forgotten how to tap into the childlike wonderment which helps her see and feel things with great sensitivity. Then she is free to create with a genuine response.


Being an Artist isn't anything like having a 9 to 5 job. An artist life is no short of 24/7 and Robin loves every second of it. Robin's journey as an artist has no bounds, it fills her everyday with hope and purpose and she believes her work shines because of this and for that she is grateful.






The Color of Music

October 3rd 2019 - November 2nd 2019

Opening Reception Friday October 4th 2019 7-10pm


Featuring Artists

Ken & Robin Koukola


Ken & Robin

Robin and Ken encourage and inspire each other. While they each continue to pursue individual projects, they frequently collaborate. “Ken really helps me takes risks,” says Robin, “Portrait work is very formal both in respect to the finished product and the techniques used to get there. Ken approaches his art in a very open ended way, starting with an idea but modifying the idea or the technique or the materials as the project develops. I’m learning spontaneity.” Ken appreciates working with Robin. “Working solo, I’m used to a trial and error method. Robin’s input helps me to avoid some of the “error” part. I appreciate her working knowledge of materials and I trust her aesthetic sense.” Together and individually, Ken and Robin create an eclectic body of work that continues to surprise even them.


About Robin

Robin Koukola began creating art when she was a child, and through her adolescent and young adult years had a hand in many art related enterprises such as sign painting, pinstriping, mural painting, holiday window displays, and architectural drafting. All the while she was working in pencil and chalk pastel for her own amusement. Her truly professional career began when she started producing portraits on a commission basis of people, pets, homes, classic cars and other things her clients found meaningful. She also painted other subjects for the local fine art show circuit. Her work hangs in many fine private, corporate and university collections. Currently, Robin continues to accept commission work, explore new techniques, and create found-art pieces with her husband, Ken.


About Ken

Ken Valskis is a musician/artist whose music career started in high school. He went on to become the guitarist for Chicago bands The Quick and The Vandalays in addition to working in and around the Chicago music scene in the eighties and nineties. Today, Ken combines his love of music with his natural talent for creating “found art” pieces. Ken can re-purpose just about anything into an exciting and original artwork! His particular interest is, not surprisingly, guitars, and he makes art out of re-purposed guitars and parts, as well as playable guitars that sound as good as they look.





2nd Annual Day of the Dead Community Altars Exhibition

October 24th 2019 - November 2nd 2019

Special Events November 1st 2019 & November 2nd 2019


This Community Altar Project invites our community to come together in the thoughtful and often very touching process of creating a public altar of remembrance for people who have passed. We are seeking community members or organizations interested in creating large box altars for the community to come together, celebrate and feel the complexities of emotions associated with death.


The process is inspired by altar making traditions in Mexico for the Day of the Dead but community and personal altars of remembrance are created in many traditions all over the world. This project is designed to help us build bridges between the individual and the community, life and death, sorrow and celebration.


We are encouraging all community members to construct a "cajita" mini altar out of a show-box. Any and all materials may be used, paint, paper, photographs, mementos etc.


Please drop off your altar to The Compassion Factory by Saturday October 19th 2019

This is a Free Community Event any and all can participate in, call or email if you have questions

708.303.8231 or jessica@compassionfactory.com


Special Dates during Exhibit

Friday November 1st 2019  7-10pm - Make a paper luminary in remembrance of a loved one, learn how to make Day of the Dead paper floers all while enjoying Horchata & Mexican Sweet Bread!

Saturday November 2nd 2019 10-1pm - Last day to walk through exhibit! We'll have lots of FREE Day of the Dead cart projects for both kids & adults to participate in!




Pop-Up Art Show At The Factory

November 9th 2019 & November 16th 2019

10am - 2pm


A great place to browse and shop for handmade art! Great place to do some Holiday Shopping!

This is a free and open to the public event!


If interested in being a vendor please contact jessica@compassionfactory.com for more information.








November 21st 2019 - December 21st 2019

Opening Reception Friday December 6th 7-10pm


Featuring Artists

Bala Thiagarajan & Rita Sharha



Born and brought up in Chennai, India, I have a passion for colors and patterns that are inspired by the Indian culture. I started my art career when I combined the techniques of henna body art, kolams & rangolis, to create free-hand textured paintings in 2012.


I use small piping bags & squeeze bottles to form dots & lines with acrylic paints on canvas. My works of henna-inspired designs, Mandalas and animal abstracts are my attempt to capture the ephemeral  nature of these everyday art forms onto more enduring surfaces.


I paint intuitively and the symmetry of the paintings comes from a meditative practice of organic repetition, with the finished piece full of rhythm and color.  My color palette reflects the colors of silk and cotton saris worn by women in South India. I have been combining my biology background and my love for math - fractals and geometry - in the works I create.




Having spent the first half of my working life dedicated to using market research to help my clients better understand their brands and advertising, I am now shifting my focus to exploring my own creativity through designing and creating works of art. I've found that the creativity I bring forward in my art also makes me a more effective 'out of the box' thinker in my market research analyses.


As an artist, I work in both fused glass and metals, designing and creating jewelry, functional vessels, and stand-alone art.



Gallery Hours

Thursday: 4-9pm

Saturday: 10-1pm

First Friday : 7-10pm

Studio Hours  Based on Class Schedule