November 21st 2019 - December 21st 2019

Artist Reception Saturday November 23rd 5:-8pm

Reception Friday December 6th 7-10pm


Featuring Artists

Bala Thiagarajan, Rita Sharha & Pete Steeves



Born and brought up in Chennai, India, I have a passion for colors and patterns that are inspired by the Indian culture. I started my art career when I combined the techniques of henna body art, kolams & rangolis, to create free-hand textured paintings in 2012.


I use small piping bags & squeeze bottles to form dots & lines with acrylic paints on canvas. My works of henna-inspired designs, Mandalas and animal abstracts are my attempt to capture the ephemeral  nature of these everyday art forms onto more enduring surfaces.


I paint intuitively and the symmetry of the paintings comes from a meditative practice of organic repetition, with the finished piece full of rhythm and color.  My color palette reflects the colors of silk and cotton saris worn by women in South India. I have been combining my biology background and my love for math - fractals and geometry - in the works I create.




Inspired by the world around her, Rita designs and creates fused glass art that is always decorative and usually functional. Having spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world, Rita decided that she needed more joy in her life, so she took a sabbatical … that never ended. The bright, happy colors she uses in her work bring joy and smiles to both her as the artist and those who see and collect her art.




Peter M. Steeves, who lives and works in Valparaiso, IN, is a self-taught artist with a career that has spanned over thirty years exhibiting throughout the Chicagoland area. He is currently the Gallery Chairman for the Elmhurst Artist Guild Gallery located in the Elmhurst Art Museum. His artwork includes elements of primitive symbolic and postmodern realism focusing on the emotion of images and pointillistic, dot patterns. The subjects of the paintings are pulled from his subconscious and transferred to the canvas to allow both artist and viewer to analyze the meaning.


Unlike pointillist artists like Seurat, Signac and Van Gogh, who employed dots of paint (points) to create soft, impressionist images, Steeves’ pointillistic style has evolved to be more akin to Australian Aboriginal art.  Steeves explained, “What started out as an homage to the Australian Aboriginal art method of dot painting has grown to have a life of its own through my eyes and paints.  The dots went from being the background of traditional paintings to the focus of my paintings.” This is evident in “Dusk Dreaming,” a warm, ethereal composition in blue, green, white, black and purple that Steeves painted while working in Melbourne, Australia.


The dot patterns invoke a dream-like impression of the subject, allowing the viewer to focus on the emerging repetitious patterns. The multicolor dot patterns are captivating, warm and personal.  The points provide movement to the sky, waves and water.  The absence of points, negative space, is used to create a tree, cloud, human or architectural figure, as employed in “Night Forest II” and “The Long Way,” which evoke a forest after a fire, with blackened bare trees and a rich, vibrant undergrowth unleashed by the devastating, but nourishing, fire.


Steeves’ work brings out the imagery of our forgotten dreams. "When we dream, there are no good or bad dreams; your imagination runs free. Images that you recognize when awake take on different, deeper meanings in slumber. When you awake, you wish you could see, hear, or feel what you just experienced but you are left with a mere fragment," Steeves mused. “My goal is to permit viewers to explore their own sub-conscience as they are torn back to reality from a dream. The driving force behind my art is that it is cheaper than therapy for both the artist and the collectors!” Steeves admitted with a hearty laugh.






January 3rd - February 1st

Opening Reception Friday January 3rd 2019 7-10pm




"Stand Alone" Photography Exhibition

February 6th - February 29th

Opening Reception & Award Acknowledgments: Friday February 7th 2019 7-10pm


Call for Art! - A juried exhibition celebrating the strength and power of the single image.

Professional and Amateur Photographers are invited to participate in The Compassion Factory's first Juried Show! Artists are limited to one submission.


Fifty to Fifty Five images will be selected

One Entry per Artist, framed size options 12x12, 11x14, 16x20, 24x36, or 30x40


Judges: Dirk Fletcher, Erik Unger and Saverio Truglia


Awards: Excepted entries will participate in an exhibition February 2020 at the gallery

1st Place Prize - $300

2nd Place Prize - $100

3rd Place Price - $50


Media: Photography only


Eligibility: Artists living in the United States.


Deadline: Saturday January 4th, 2020


Fee: $35


Liability: All work will be handled with the utmost care. However, The Compassion Factory will not be responsible for loss or damage. Entering the competition implies your consent for The Compassion Factory gallery to use your name and images of your art in all of its advertising and publicity, in print or online.


Instructions: All work must be framed and wired or display ready. Artists are responsible for shipping or conveying their own work to and from the exhibit.


Application: Complete form and email image of entry to compassionfactory@gmail.com with the Subject Line STANDALONE2020























Mays Mayhem

March 6th - March 28th

Opening Reception Friday March 6th 2019



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