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December 6th - December 29th | Featuring Artists HMK Watercolors (Heather Kadlec Shack) & Don Mendenhall

Opening Reception December 7th 7-10pm


About Heather

Heather has always expressed herself creatively, but did not become an artist until after she suffered a severe ischemic stroke in 2011. Heather lost use of her dominant right hand, so she learned to paint left-handed. Painting with watercolors is not only her passion now, but an outlet to express herself since she no longer can verbally or through writing.


Heather's creativity is fueled by her love of photography and art. A watercolor subject may come from a photograph she's taken after being inspired by composition, lighting or shadow. Or it may evolve from a sketch based on a memory etched in her mind. Though her passions are landscapes and urbanscapes, Heather also enjoys painting animals, people and landmarks. She is inspired by beautiful scenery, her travels, the areas in which she lives, and her favorite sports and teams.




About Don

Don Mendenhall makes use of fine art photography with his work in human resource development, life coaching, art shows, and contemplative writings. Shadow and light, falling and rising, questions and answers, barriers and pathways, fear and courage are excellent themes for photography and the living of life. It is in the practice of waiting, until the essence of the subject makes itself known, that provides a contemplative quality for his signature style.

January 3rd - January 26th | Anniversary Art Show

Opening Reception January 4th



We can't believe a year has gone by already! Join us for our Anniversary show featuring Artists that have been on exhibit over 2018! It's a show that shouldn't be missed!

January 31st - February 23rd | "Sacerd Art" Exhibition

Featuring Artist Beth Shadur

Opening Reception February 1st



About Beth

Beth Shadur is an artist who has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions in the United States and abroad, including at the Art Institute of Chicago; the Drawing Center in New York City; the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, NY; the Butler Institute of Art in Youngstown, Ohio; and at the Colorado Springs Art Museum, Colorado Springs, CO.  She has created over 150 large public murals as public, private and community art projects in both the United States and Great Britain.  She is an Artist-in-Education for the Illinois Arts Council in Chicago, IL.  She has taught and served as a visiting artist at many colleges and universities, including Northwestern University, Evanston, IL; Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville, MO; and as a visiting artist and scholar at Paradise Valley Community College in Scottsdale, AZ.  Shadur’s work appears in many publications, books and catalogs, including Twentieth Century Watercolors, Abbeville Press; The Special Unit, Barlinnie Prison, Its Evolution Through Art, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, Scotland; Community Murals: The People’s Art, Associated University Press, NJ; and Art and Cartography, Art Institute of Chicago.  Her mural work in Barlinnie Prison, Glasgow, Scotland is included in the archives of the Peoples Palace Museum in Glasgow.


As an educator, Shadur has lectured widely on community arts in both the United States and abroad.  She has curated numerous national exhibitions, including the ongoing ‘The Poetic Dialogue Project’, which has traveled throughout the United States.  Collaborative Vision: The Poetic Dialogue Project, featuring collaborative works by pairs of poets and artists, was exhibited at the Chicago Cultural Center from January-April 2009, and will travel to various university galleries. In 2006, Shadur presented at the International Conference on Arts in Society in Edinburgh, Scotland, and her Poetic Dialogue Project was published in the International Journal on Arts In Society.  Shadur has been awarded numerous Ragdale Fellowships and is a Thomas Watson Fellow from Brown University; from 2004-6, she served as Executive Director of ARC Gallery, Chicago. She participated in the Cool Globes Public Art Project in Chicago in 2007, and in 2008, was Artist-in-Residence at the Burren College of Art in Ireland through a Governor’s Award for International Arts Exchange from the Illinois Arts Council. In 2009, she participated in ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, MI. Most recently, Shadur was a fellow at the Leighton Artist Colony at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Since 2012, Shadur serves as the Gallery Director at Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, IL. In 2016, she was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Illinois State Museum. Her work is owned in many private and public collections.


March 1st - 3rd | Scouting Special Exhibit



Stay tuned! More details to come...

March 7th - 30th | High School Art Exhibit

Opening Reception March 7th 6-9pm



This exhibit is an open submission exhibit for all High School Students, where we'll be accepting all types of Art - Paintings, Sculptures, Mixed Media, Drawings,etc.

If you or someone you know is interested in submitting artwork contact Jessica at for more information.


Submissions are due by Saturday February 23rd.


April 4th - April 27th | "Exposed Nature"

Featuring Bill Kalnes & Farida Korobova

Opening Reception April 5th



About Bill

Bill has been photographing nature for over 20 years, traveling all over the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. Regardless of where he goes, he always finds something new, unique or breathtaking to photograph. He believes that no one can get tired of what Mother Nature offers; vibrant colors, majestic mountains, textures, dimensions, ocean cliffs, soaring eagles, big horn sheep, small and grand waterfalls, trees that you can drive cars through, pristine forests, and endless other sources of inspiration.


During these years he has experimented with enhancing Nature’s colors to see what the possibilities would be. What he did find out is that in doing this you go from photographing nature to creating art. So, with that in mind, he decided to put a tongue and cheek story together about Mother Nature’s rebellious years and the impact it had on her creations.


So please enjoy the exhibit which documents some of Mother Nature’s journey into her Altered States.


May 2nd - 4th | Cycle Brookfield Event



Shake the dust off that bicycle sitting in your garage, and bring it by the Compassion Factory for a FREE bike tune-up! Whether it's been a few years since you've been in the saddle, or if you're a die hard two wheel enthusiast. Stop by and meet other Brookfield cyclists and get that two-wheeled steed ready for the cycling season!


May 9th - 11th | TBD


More details to come...


May 16th - 27th | 125 years of Photography Show


More details to come...


May 30th - June 29th |

Featuring John Yaou, Ashley McLaughlin, Kelly Ward & Francesca Vitale

Opening Reception Friday June 7th 7-10pm



About John

My current body of work focuses on celebrating urban/street art. It focuses on celebrating

Graffiti and the place that I call home, Chicago. Using the influence of urban art and turning it

into fine art. I gather my inspiration from my experiences as well as the city that surrounds me. I

attempt to link all of my work by keeping the methodology and technique consistent. The

methodical and almost tedious process not only frees my imagination, but gives me a sense of

accomplishment once that piece of work is complete.


As a painter, my focus is to use traditional techniques on “Urban” or ‘Street” art in hopes of

merging the gap between the graffiti enthusiast and the fine art lover. Graffiti in my experience

has never been widely respected or accepted by the “traditional” art community. This includes

commercial galleries, who refuse to represent these artists. The shunning of this art form is a

disservice to young artists that find their voices in it. Graffiti has always been considered as

counterculture, against the grain or the norm. In ten years, this style will not be counterculture, it

will just be culture. We are going to look back and realize this is the art of our times.


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