The CameraMen

Kevin Convery, James Galbreath, Nate Lyth, Steve Scheuring & Dirk Fletcher

April 19th - May 12th

Opening Reception April 20th | 7-10pm

Nate Lyth

Steve Scheuring

James Galbreath

Dirk Fletcher

Kevin Convery

About Nate

Nate is a landscape and event photographer that is passionate about sharing images that capture candid moments in time. His love for camping, hiking, and the outdoors fuels his passion for landscape photography. Guiding him in his mission to share the unique wonder of the outdoors. Capturing the ambiance and candid interactions of events brings him a special joy. Aiming to allow viewers to be transported into an event.

Nate's work can be viewed on Instagram @nathanlyth


About Dirk

Dirk Fletcher is a Brookfield resident and second generation professional photographer. Working as a technical representative for Canon USA, he regularly travels, affording him the opportunity to seek out and create images. Prior to joining Canon, he was the Department Chairman of the Photography Programs at Harrington College of Design. He holds a BA in Commercial Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography and an MFA in Independent Filmmaking from Governors State University.

Dirk's work can be viewed at or @dirkfletcher on Instagram.



About Kevin

KCnow shoots continuously as he travels to locales both near and far-flung. Blessed with a calm ability to capture the small details of everyday life, he sees beauty and intrigue in the unnoticed. He has a knack to slow down the everyday blur of the surroundings around us to bring into shape and form the subtlety

cast by shadows and light. Whilst around him the masses rush by too absorbed by the phone screen in front of them and blocked out from the holistic world by the buds in their ears. His work is an attempt to capture the "now" moments and preserve them so the viewer can see..maybe for the first time the beauty of the delicacy around them. Caught forever and always open to new interpretation, these images are like the first line of a story with much more to be told.

Kevin's work can be viewed at or @kcnowphoto on Instagram.



About Steve

Steve has had an interest in photography for over 40 years. He still remembers his very first camera.  A Kodak Instamatic X-15.  It was the early 70’s, and once he figured out how to fire-off the Magicube flash without the camera... to the bottom of the closet went the camera.  As a teenager, Steve found great interest in his father’s Nikon FE and started shooting macro and developing his own black and white film.  In college, the same FE and a Nikkor 50mm f2 was all he needed on his travels. In the late 90’s it was one of Nikon’s very first digital cameras with a screw-mount wide angle lens that set him apart from all the others in his world of residential real estate showcasing homes like no other in the area.  Today, Steve shoots exclusively Sony mirrorless and today one if his favorite lenses on a Sony is that 70's Nikkor 50mm f2 from his father.


As a professional real estate photographer and broker in the Oak Park and River Forest area, he continues to strive to get that “different” shot. Creatively, Steve has a serious weakness for fast (wide aperture) manual primes.  “I mean... when it reads f0.95 on one of those little ring thingies on the lens, why shoot at any other opening?!?!?"  Over the years, Steve has offered his camera and time to many educational and non-profit entities, shooting for Oak Park’s D97, the Oak Park Education Foundation and the Oak Park and River Forest Marching Huskies.

Steve's work can be viewed on Instagram @behind.this.lens



About James

Jim has liked photography since his first hand-me-down box camera as a child. As a campus photographer at Illinois Wesleyan University, he learned darkroom work and film photography with twin lens reflex cameras. Jim has built darkrooms in at least 3 different homes, and rolled and developed B&W negative and Ektachrome color slide film for years. After using Lumix superzooms for digital photography, he moved to the Sony mirror-less camera world with an a6000 and a new a6500.

Jim shoots what he finds around him, from spiders to mountains, from tree bark to a solar eclipse, from a flicker woodpecker in his backyard to koalas and Tasmanian devils in Australia.  Jim is not usually a portrait photographer, unless it's his grandson. Jim is a recent member of the Downers Grove Camera Club since retirement, and has garnered an Award and a couple Honorable Mentions in competitions.


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