August 9th - September 8th | "Paper & Stitch" Art Exhibit

Featuring Chai Wolfman & Don Widmer

Opening Reception August 17th

About Chai Wolfman

Guiding a painting through the sewing machine connects me to past generations who created quilts to warm their loved ones. I infuse that same love and intention of warmth into my paintings. My imagined landscapes blend buildings and natural elements. I use paint and thread to create a world of color and texture that is grounded in hope. To keep spreading the love, I started the Found Painting Project in 2014, in which I leave small paintings for strangers by nailing them to trees with a note.


Chai's work can be viewed at or on Instagram @chaiwolfman



About Don Widmer (Lion of Bali)

Bali is one of my favorite places. On the tiny island of Bali, each person contributes to the artistic life of the community, whether a dancer, carver, musician, etc. My art is inspired by travel and reflects the sights, sounds, and colors of the places I vis it. To me, a lion symbolizes bravery. When I quit my job as a music librarian to pursue an artistic life, I was venturing into uncertain territory, yet I found it exhilarating. I believe it takes the courage of a lion to embrace a creative life and pursue one’s passion.


I received my MFA in Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago in 2012. My work reflects my interest in other cultures, particularly their myths and rituals. I am interested in voices and stories of the past, and seek to recreate these stories in artist books and other paper objects. I also like to make whimsical letterpress cards. I am a former music librarian with a background in ethnomusicology.


Don's work can be viewed at or on Instagram @lionofbali



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Thursday: 4-9pm

Saturday: 10-1pm

First Friday : 7-10pm

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