Francisco Magos, Brittany Hanks & Jason Michael West

March 8 - April 14th

Opening Reception March 9th

Francisco Magos

Brittany Hanks

Jason Michael West

About Frank


Frank is an aspiring artist from Chicago that currently works in various mediums. Born and raised in the Chicago land area, Francisco has shown multiple art pieces at the Flat Iron Art building in Chicago. Currently pursuing fine arts through schooling at Morton College. Uses classical techniques learned and manipulates them to create urban related art. All art is inspired by living life, and its experiences.

About Brittany


Brittany Hanks is a professional artist who regularly participates in exhibitions both in the US and internationally. . She graduated with a BFA in Painting in 2009 and became a freelance artist and Illustrator. Her artwork, apparel, and tattoo designs can be fund on the walls and bodies of people around the world!


About Jason


Jason Michael West combines the influences of pop culture, horror, science fiction, and street art, to create an artistic style that is all his own.

Through the use of characters he has created, Jason shows the intricacies of life and how it can either wear you down or bring utter joy.


Gallery Hours

Thursday: 4-9pm

Saturday: 10-1pm

First Friday : 7-10pm

Studio Hours  Based on Class Schedule