Jennifer, Paul & Rebecca | July 12th - August 4th

Opening Reception July 13th 7-10pm

About Jennifer

Jennifer Ann has always had a passion for creating and making things by hand. The last 6 years she's dedicated her time primarily to cultivating her handmade jewelry line, while dabbling in custom paintings on the side. She has been involved in Chicago area Art shows professionally since 2012. This past year and half she decided to focus her energy on her first love of painting. Jennifer’s latest efforts are part of her aptly named Fluidity Series, where she manipulates acrylic paints on different platforms, such as wood, canvas, and metal to create unique abstract paintings. Her technique involves using multiple layers of paint to create texture while playing with depth of color, contrast, and movement. She uses the same technique on her new line of home décor, which launched in 2017. Jennifer is influenced by many forms of art and pulls inspiration for this series from nature and her love of the ocean.

Jennifer's work can be viewed on Instagram @jenniferannfinear





About Paul

Paul's work can be viewed on Instagram @a.gimic







About Rebecca

If Rebecca Moy were a writer, she would not be a novelist, a dramatist or an essayist. Rather, she would be a poet. Just as the finest poets can carefully piece together simple and seemingly random words and phrases to express very complex personal feelings, so too Rebecca can take a simple brush stroke or a tiny swath of color and immediately transport us to places that we only thought existed in our minds. Or our dreams. As one of the rising stars of the Chicago art scene, Rebecca is a woman whose passion for self-expression is evident in every piece she produces.


Whether it is a larger-than-life symphony of color, form and texture or a small study in black and white, when Rebecca Moy is at work she is not so much painting as she is composing.


A native of La Grange, Illinois, she holds a bachelor’s degree from the visual arts department of Chicago’s highly regarded Columbia College. In 2007, following a juried competition, she was one of a handful of artists to gain acceptance to the prestigious River East Art Center, where she was one of that gallery’s youngest artists in residence.

Rebecca's work can be viewed at

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