May 30th - June 29th | "Expression" Exhibition

Featuring John Yaou, Ashley McLaughlin, Kelly Ward, Noah Larsen & Francesca Vitale

Opening Reception Friday June 7th 7-10pm



About John

My current body of work focuses on celebrating urban/street art. It focuses on celebrating

Graffiti and the place that I call home, Chicago. Using the influence of urban art and turning it

into fine art. I gather my inspiration from my experiences as well as the city that surrounds me. I

attempt to link all of my work by keeping the methodology and technique consistent. The

methodical and almost tedious process not only frees my imagination, but gives me a sense of

accomplishment once that piece of work is complete.


As a painter, my focus is to use traditional techniques on “Urban” or ‘Street” art in hopes of

merging the gap between the graffiti enthusiast and the fine art lover. Graffiti in my experience

has never been widely respected or accepted by the “traditional” art community. This includes

commercial galleries, who refuse to represent these artists. The shunning of this art form is a

disservice to young artists that find their voices in it. Graffiti has always been considered as

counterculture, against the grain or the norm. In ten years, this style will not be counterculture, it

will just be culture. We are going to look back and realize this is the art of our times.


About Ashley

Ashley McLaughlin (ashleyintheam) is a digital and watercolor illustrator working out of Illinois. She received her BFA from the American Academy of Art in 2017, Majoring in Fine Art with a concentration in watercolor painting. She has contributed work for Carousel Checks. She is fond of stars, the moon, kids cartoon's, Greek mythology, and anything space.







About Noah

Self-described “mountain coast” artist Noah Larsen creates his marker illustrations through stream-of-consciousness drawing under the moniker earlatron. His graphic works feature cartoonish characters and scenes from his imagination. He lives and works in Wheat Ridge, Colorado









About Francesca

Francesca Vitale ( is an artist from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She is currently a student at DePaul University with the intention of graduating with a Art, Media, and Design degree. Her work consists oil paintings on street signs, which mostly feature music artists as well as paintings inspired by album covers.








About Kelly

Kelly is a Chicagoland Art Director with a passion for designing, doodling, and painting. Kelly has been fortunate enough to work, collaborate, and design for like-minded clients, and is excited to see what’s in store for 2019. Cheers!


Gallery Hours

Thursday: 4-9pm

Saturday: 10-1pm

First Friday : 7-10pm

Studio Hours  Based on Class Schedule