The Portraits

September 5th 2019 - September 28th 2019

Opening Reception Friday September 6th 7-10pm


Featuring Artists

Nicole Urban, Katrina Davis Salazar, Jacob Curtin, Frederick Nitsch, Robin Monique Rios and Anthony La Giglia



Katrina Davis-Salazar’s current series of narrative portraits covers the introspection that occurs when one is recovering from serious trauma or attempting to find a new path. The artist’s attempt to capture the moment of stillness that occurs immediately after a monumental jolt often features two versions of a childlike self or angels fighting to heal the subject. Davis-Salazar expresses this mix of emotions by using a mix of materials, and by layering imagery and heavy texture created by relief techniques.  Materials include fabric, lace, paper, acrylic, canvas, wood, gel medium, and watercolor crayon.  To capture both inner conflict and profound human strength in her final product, Davis-Salazar also combines gripping stares, pop culture imagery, and influences from her Mexican-American heritage.


Davis-Salazar is a mixed media artist living and working in the Chicago area.  She received her BFA from University of Kansas and her MFA from University of Colorado. Katrina is currently creating a large body of artwork, teaching art at College of Lake County, publicly exhibiting and creating murals, and caring for her family.




If you were to ask anyone who knows me, the first thing you’ll likely be told about me is that I am an artist, and those who have known me since the earliest stages of my life will tell you that I always have been. My parents say that I used to draw all over the walls of their first apartment as a toddler, so I suppose that’s true. My knack for drawing became an integral part of my identity that has stuck with me and grown into a lifelong passion. I’ve experimented with a myriad of different mediums, styles, and techniques throughout my artistic endeavors, but what I have grown to love most is portraiture. The fleeting emotions and expressions of every person’s face can tell a story, and there is something truly captivating to me about trying to accurately portray them. Each face presents new challenges, and I enjoy working through them as I draw. At present, I am 27 years old and I live with my girlfriend, Summer, whom I love very much. Together we have an adorable long-haired dachshund named Sadie. I am also a PADI-certified scuba diver who enjoys the ocean, long walks on the beach, and even longer sips of tequila.




Frederick Nitsch began his life as a painter as he was leaving his life as an academic.  Having moved to Chicago 11 years ago to pursue a PhD in philosophy, Frederick left that program after 4 years to commit himself to making art.  While Frederick's early work is purely abstract, in the last few years Frederick has been incorporating found photography in an effort to create pieces that address the notions of empathy and fantasy.  Frederick is also an actor, and works with a mental health nonprofit doing crisis role-plays with first responders to better prepare them for mental health crises in the community.



Robin's creative spirit is LIMITLESS. Robin does not limit herself to just one creative output, she feels it is impossible to express herself purely through just one medium. Robin's work is a raw, unencumbered and immediate emotional response to the world around her; from the past to the present and her thoughts and dreams of the future. Robin's creativity doesn't just begin and end in her studio; she is inspired every day, by practically everything. She hasn't forgotten how to tap into the childlike wonderment which helps her see and feel things with great sensitivity. Then she is free to create with a genuine response.


Being an Artist isn't anything like having a 9 to 5 job. An artist life is no short of 24/7 and Robin loves every second of it. Robin's journey as an artist has no bounds, it fills her everyday with hope and purpose and she believes her work shines because of this and for that she is grateful.




I never would've imagined what started as a craft in my basement storage room would one day turn into a business. I stumbled upon this idea when doodling and listening to music. I filled an empty portrait with song lyrics, but it hid in my room for a couple months before anyone saw it. A couple years later, I was getting orders left and right. I realized the intersection of art and music was a great avenue for people to connect and personalize gifts. I have decided to turn my passion and love for art into a business and am excited to continue growing as both an artist and businesswomen.



Hello my name is Jacob Curtin. I have been a self taught artist for basically my entire life but would say have been more productive with my craft in the past 10 years. The mediums I use in my paintings are strictly oil and acrylic on canvas, but will dabble with drawings here and there. I paint from my studio space out in Logan Square Chicago or sometimes right here at home in Brookfield. In the past I have painted a lot of surrealistic pieces as well as worked on commissioned portraits but have recently been practicing realism in oil. Although painting is my passion I also work full time as an electrician for the local 2 stagehand union of Chicago. I hope to one day be able to pursue and make a living off my artwork full time.


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