Character Con Exhibition

August 1st 2019 - August 31st 2019

Opening Reception Friday August 2nd 7-10pm


Featuring Artists

Derail Howery, Jamie Primack, Josh Mettille, Travis Cakos, Naomi Martinez, Jeremy Johnson & Tony Smith



My passion is Illustrating, cartooning, comic books and fantasy characters.  My characters are created from my experiences in life such as well as what I take from reading books, TV, movies and watching people in their everyday activities.



Jamie Primack is a comic artist, writer, illustrator, and creator of the sci fi comic series BINARY STAR. Inspired by her love of science fiction and horror, Jamie's artistic style - which she calls "space goth" - combines the aesthetics of gothic subcultures with futuristic technology. To create illustrations that are both cosmic and dark, Jamie uses brushes, technical pens, dried ink, white ink, metallic paint, and gouache. Jamie also writes and illustrates BINARY STAR, a comic series which has been running online for more than two years and ten chapters. BINARY STAR, which tells the story of an interstellar bounty hunter forced to team up with an alien outlaw, can be read online,, and                         Jamie also works as a freelance artist and illustrator who can be found tabling at various comic conventions and art shows around the country. You can find her work online at or follow her work on Instagram @jamieprimack."



Joshua Mettille was born in Ottawa, IL. He attended Seneca Township High school from 2012 to 2016, where he was heavily involved with the art program. Within his practice, Josh likes to work with many different forms of media and materials. He does not like to stay in one media for too long because he is always fascinated by the new. As a future educator, Josh believes in the power of creativity and expression in art. His most current works seek to represent the freedom of expression through different media. Currently, Josh is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in K-12 Art-Education from Olivet Nazarene University. He is expected to graduate in the spring of 2020.



Travis Cakos is an independent artist & musician. His art/music studio is comprised of hardware & software equipment including oil, acrylic, color pencil & digital media (such as Coral Painter 12 & Photoshop) - He specializes in portraits/memorials, landscapes/starscapes, abstract art, etc...



Naomi Martinez a.k.a. “Monstrochika”, was raised in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Her work is strongly inspired by Japanese animation, indie comics, nature and growing up in The Windy City. An artistic career that began as an Apprentice Artist for Gallery 37 led her to study Advertising, Art & Design at Columbia College Chicago and she continued her work as a Teaching Artist in various Chicago communities. She enjoys sharing the art of doll making and collaborating with artists and art spaces. Mediums include watercolor illustration, mixed media painting, murals, zines, and dolls. She currently lives in Berwyn, IL.



Tony a.k.a.  Art bu Tony "Four" Smith didn't start painting until after high school. Tony specializes in spray paint and paint markers.



I’m a local artist based in the chicagoland area for over twenty years working in for screen printing companies, galleries as well as sustainable farm companies, and coee and food vendors. Starting as a magazine spot illustrator for Down Beat Magazine as well as Music Inc., and a mural artist for several restaurants in and around Chicago. I had a chance to expand my skill set with all mediums in painting and digital programs. I have always enjoyed having a variety of tools to create my work. My main goal as an artist is to push myself and my creativity while working with others in all regards along this journey.


Gallery Hours

Thursday: 4-9pm

Saturday: 10-1pm

First Friday : 7-10pm

Studio Hours  Based on Class Schedule