9210 Broadway Ave | Brookfield IL



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About Us

Here at The Compassion Factory Art Gallery & Studio we have paintings, sculptures, jewelry, photography, and pottery... no shortage of artistry here!


We offer art classes (from beginners to advanced), for 2 - 99 years old, kid birthday parties and special events.


Karl & Ann Sokol


Jessica Tamburello

Executive Director

Jessica is the Executive Director at The Compassion Factory where it's her mission to get more art to its community. She is responsible for working with artists to display and teach art at The Factory. Jessica is involved in Brookfield and has lived in the area for over a decade where she's chosen to raise her family.


To contact Jessica please email jessica@compassionfactory.com

Gallery Hours

Thursday: 4-9pm

Saturday: 10-1pm

First Friday : 7-10pm

Studio Hours  Based on Class Schedule